Top 8 most-used kitchen items, or, the last items in the moving box.

Top 8 most-used kitchen items, or, the last items in the moving box.

There have been a few travelin’ posts up in my social media lately.  These correspond with work trips to Washington, DC, Boston, and a move between apartments taking place this week.  During a moment of frazzled procrastination, I hovered over the last open box of kitchen items, to be shut the morning of moving day, and observed.

The last things used and placed into a box marked “kitchen” were:

1. Rishi green tea with mint, loose.
2. Teaspoon measure set
3. Digital thermometer
4. Global 5.5″ vegetable knife, an ode to which can be found here, in makeshift cardboard sheath.
5. Knife sharpening steel. Ode to that can be found here.
6. Wood oil. Another ode, here. How predictable.
7. Vegetable scrubber.
8. French rolling pin. Used most recently to smash something, not roll something.

Interesting the difference in the list if I let my left brain kick in and imagine hurriedly grabbing 8 items out of the kitchen for some made-up reason. I mean, really, a vegetable scrubber and tea?

My left-brain list of top 8 kitchen items:
1. That Global knife. My left hand in the kitchen.
2. Knife sharpener. Duh.
3. 9″ All-Clad saute pan.
4. restaurant supply tongs, my right hand.
5. this OXO measuring cup set
6. wooden cutting board
7. Silicone spatula
8. sea salt

So. What does this mean? It means someone is overthinking the facts of moving, has too much stuff, and can’t wait to unpack and start cooking again.  What 8 items can you not live without in your kitchen?